Wrongful Death

There is nothing more devastating than losing a loved one in your family. When someone else causes this loss, there is a way to fight back. Make no mistake, a suit for wrongful death will never repair what your family has lost. The pain you feel will not be magically repaired. The anger you harbor will not be washed away.

St. Louis wrongful death lawyer Anthony Pepe understands such tragedies are devastating events that shatter families. Members of families affected often have more pressing issues to face than finding an attorney and proceeding with a civil lawsuit. But often, another issue is how do you prove someone’s actions caused a premature death, especially when it’s not so clear and obvious? In the simplest of terms, under Missouri law, if someone’s negligence or their lack of responsible behavior caused your loss, a claim for wrongful death can and should be filed.

If your family has suffered a loss and you believe it could have been prevented, please contact St. Louis wrongful death lawyer Anthony Pepe to discuss. Damages can include a deceased’s medical and funeral expenses, their pain and suffering, as well as their lost future income.

Please be aware these cases can be long and painful. However, there is a reason the State of Missouri allows this type of lawsuit: Accountability. People who lack respect for others often cause needless and endless heartache for society. Companies which disregard safety measures often are the source behind many tragedies and need to pay for their frivolous way of doing business.

So, let’s talk about it. When you want to talk to a St. Louis wrongful death lawyer about your Missouri wrongful death claim, call Anthony Pepe at (314) 517-2067 or 1 (800) 969-1457 or send an email to: anthony@anthonypepelaw.com.

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