Products Liability

Sooner or later we all learn that not everything we buy turns out to be well-made. We all can accept that, to a point. However, we also know that while it is one thing for a purchase to be poorly made, it is another for it to be flat-out dangerous, perhaps even deadly. Nearly every product we use, especially those we rely on everyday, has the potential to be defective. It is sobering to realize that prescribed medications, diseased foods, and even tainted water can make us terribly sick; that household machines we use every day like hairdryers, microwaves and lawnmowers can be a threat to our safety and even our lives.

Companies which manufacture our most loved and relied on products have the obligation to place safety before profit. For some however, this obligation has proven at times to be too burdensome. These manufacturers do not value the safety of you, the consumer.

This is a sad reality of which we are all aware. There’s only one way to compel change and that’s to make them pay…every time. These massive corporations don’t care about your pain. To them, you are a number. You will need a product liability attorney to bring the fight to these manufacturers. As your attorney, I will care.

It is true that products liability claims can be difficult to prove. This is what you’ve undoubtedly been told by whomever you’ve likely spoken to: national risk management departments, corporate claims supervisors, or insurance claims adjustors. What is likely not hard to prove is that you have been hurt and are suffering because of it. I encourage you to realize that these “customer service” entities do not subscribe to a well-known idea called “common sense.”

So, let’s talk about it. When you want to talk to a St Louis product liability attorney about your Missouri products liability claim, call Anthony Pepe at (314) 517-2067 or 1 (800) 969-1457 or send an email to: anthony@anthonypepelaw.com.

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