Premises Liability

When you are injured by accident on someone’s property in Missouri, you have entered the world of premise liability. If a dangerous condition on the property caused your injury, you may have an actionable claim against the owner of the property.

These injuries can occur anywhere from your neighbor’s house to a national supermarket chain up the street, or even at your favorite tanning salon, but as you can imagine, literally anything can hurt you so don’t hesitate to call St. Louis premises liability lawyer Anthony Pepe and find out what your rights are under Missouri law.

As a rule, remember that in Missouri, all property owners have a duty to protect persons lawfully on their property from injuries resulting from dangerous conditions they knew or should have known about. The most common dangerous conditions that cause injuries are wet surfaces (“slip and fall accidents”), pets (“animal bites”), and inadequate security. When property owners act irresponsibly by failing to warn guests and customers about such hazards, our only recourse is to hold them accountable. Legal action not only compensates for loss, but prevents future incidents by the same land owner.

Complex by nature, premise liability cases require the injured party to be very proactive about their case. If you believe you have been hurt in a situation such as this, it is important to act as soon as possible so appropriate parties and witnesses can be identified and investigated.

When you want to talk to a lawyer about your premises liability claim, call St. Louis premises liability layer Anthony Pepe at (314) 517-2067 or 1 (800) 969-1457 or send email to: anthony@anthonypepelaw.com.

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