Auto Accidents/Car Crashes/Truck Accidents

These cases are the most common and the most deadly causes of injury and death in this country every year. A highly trained personal injury attorney will begin to investigate the details of your accident immediately upon being hired as your counsel. It is absolutely crucial that you speak with an attorney immediately after you have received all necessary medical treatment and been stabilized. The quicker an injured party can contact an attorney, the better. Too many cases are weakened by a lack of diligence in this investigative stage. St. Louis personal injury lawyer Anthony strives to exceed every client’s expectations in this pivotal time by being available by phone, e-mail and text messaging 24 hours a day, 7 days a week when you or someone you know is injured in an accident.

Why is this so important? Because insurance companies have absolutely no interest in being fair to you. If you do not hire an attorney, it is extremely likely that your case will be undervalued. That is not to say that your claim will be denied; rather that the insurance company will try to avoid fair compensation for your injuries.

As you consider hiring the right personal injury attorney to represent you, it is highly recommended you write down anything you might think is important as it relates to your case. Your treatment and investigation will be layered with hundreds of details, some of which turn out to be more important than others.

If you believe you have been hurt by someone driving an automobile, a motorcycle, or any kind of truck, it is time to contact Anthony Pepe. He knows what needs to be done and will contact all the insurance companies, witnesses and defendants so you can concentrate on what is important: getting back to health.

When you want to talk to a lawyer about your Missouri automobile crash accident, call St. Louis personal injury lawyer Anthony Pepe at (314) 517-2067 or 1 (800) 969-1457 or send an email to: anthony@anthonypepelaw.com.

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