Animal Bites

Don’t be mistaken: when you are attacked and bitten by a “friendly” neighborhood pet, it is almost always due to the owner’s negligence. Most animals, especially dogs, are not born bad or dangerous. They bite out of fear, a product of years of neglect and poor training. The only way to ensure our children play in the safest neighborhoods is to pursue and hold accountable the owners of these dangerous pets.

I am a dog lover myself, but I have no tolerance – absolutely no tolerance – for owners of animals that endanger our loved ones. St Louis personal injury attorney Anthony Pepe will take the fight to the owner of these dangerous pets and make sure it is the last time they ever put you or your child at risk.

So, let’s talk about it. When you want to talk to a lawyer about your Missouri dog bite claim, call Anthony Pepe at (314) 517-2067 or 1 (800) 969-1457 or send an email to: anthony@anthonypepelaw.com.

Everyone has a story. Let me tell yours.

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